Tuesday 29th January – Thursday 31st January 2019
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John Lee

John Lee

PWTAG Technical Adviser


John is an independent consultant public health microbiologist.  He is Chairman of the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group.  He retired from the UK Health Protection Agency (HPA, formerly PHLS) in 2010 where he led the Water and Environmental Microbiology Reference Unit.  His 37 years in the PHLS/HPA was spent researching the detection, survival and control of pathogenic micro-organisms in the environment, particularly water and air.  He has wide experience in the routine examination of environmental specimens and the prevention, investigation and control of outbreaks of water-borne and air-borne disease including: gastroenteritis caused by various bacterial and viral agents. 

He has been the lead microbiological expert witness for the prosecutions in several court cases following outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease.  He founded, and remains a consultant to, the HPA External Quality Assessment Scheme for the Isolation of Legionella from Water. He is Chairman of BSI EH/3/4 the committee responsible for writing national standards for the microbiological testing of waters and representing the UK in ISO/CEN.  He was an author of the European Guidelines for the Control and Prevention of Travel Associated Legionnaires’ Disease which were adopted in 2002 and revised in 2005, 2011 and 2014.  He was an editor and author of the WHO books Legionella and the Prevention of Legionellosis and Water Safety in Buildings. 

He has acted as an advisor to the UK Health and Safety Executive, the UK Department of Health and the equivalent ministries in several other countries.  He has acted as an adviser to the WHO on several occasions (Diarrhoeal Disease Control Programme, Legionnaires’ Disease, Maintaining Water Quality in Buildings, Aerosol transmission of SARS in domestic premises, Recreational Water).  He advises on the control of micro-organisms in artificial water systems including hot and cold water systems, cooling systems, industrial systems, and pools.

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