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02 Aug 2021

FAIRLOCKS POOL PRODUCTS - Now in stock - Trotec Dehumidifiers

FAIRLOCKS POOL PRODUCTS - Now in stock - Trotec Dehumidifiers

Looking for efficient moisture control and heat recovery in your indoor swimming pool or spa? Look no further. Now in stock at Fairlocks Pool Products, the Trotec pool dehumidifier is of outstanding efficiency and quality. 

The energy absorbed during the process of  dehumidification is turned into warmth and  directly used for heating the room, which further increases the device's efficiency. As an example, for every unit of electricity that the units consume they will give 2.5 kw of heat back to the room.

DS 30 and DS 60 are specifically developed for swimming pool hall dehumidification and  include quiet running and powerful radial fans, insulated compressors and polyester-coated heat exchanger surfaces to protect against  corrosion. 

Both wall-mounted units are easy to install, work fully automatically and can extract large amounts of moisture from the room air, even in air temperatures as low as 5 °C. 

Please contact our team to discuss your requirements. 


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