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02 Aug 2021

HEATSTAR offer technical support with new QR codes

HEATSTAR offer technical support with new QR codes

By using QR codes, Heatstar is helping its customers to easily access essential product technical information with the aim of faster troubleshooting. In the future, the specialists in highly efficient swimming pool climate control systems also plan to expand the service to include information regarding spare parts.

The new QR code label Heatstar have implemented is a new way to help end users easily access technical literature associated for a particular Heatstar system. End users can scan the label with their smartphone QR code reader and link directly to the specific model information on the company’s resources section of their website. Available documents currently include operations manuals and a touchscreen user guide for the LYNX system. 

“On a daily basis we receive a large number of telephone calls with users asking for technical help, and a lot of the time the answers can be found right there in the product literature,” says David Hayles, Heatstar’s Technical Manager. “Having this new smart label system whereby the user can quickly scan a QR code on the product and find the necessary documents can seriously reduce downtime if there is an issue with the unit, and can also help ensure the equipment is installed and maintained correctly.”

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