The value of SPATEX - now celebrating our 25th annual show

Why supporting SPATEX is so important

SPATEX is “By the Industry, For the Industry” …but what does that mean?

Before SPATA and its forerunner, the ASPC (Association of Swimming Pool Contractors), started in the 1960′s, the Industry had no central core, no common purpose. Then along came SPATA (Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association) and later BISHTA (British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association), creating the standards by which pools and spas should be built and providing a Code of Ethics for ethical trading.

Twenty five years ago, SPATEX was created as the trade’s showcase, with the express intention of giving all profits back to the industry. Hence the phrase, “By the Industry, For the Industry” was born and has since become synonymous with the Exhibition.  SPATEX existed and continues to exist purely for the promotion and lobbying of the industry.

SPATEX raises vital funds for the Industry

With no profits from SPATEX, there would be little chance of funds for PIP (Pool Industry Promotions) to promote the industry to both the trade and the consumer media. There would be restricted opportunities for the BSPF (British Swimming Pool Federation) and other relevant companies to lobby, on the industry’s behalf, both at home and abroad. 

SPATEX is at the heart of the leisure industry

SPATEX is at the heart of the leisure industry

SPATEX represents a large swathe of the water leisure industry and, as such, it is enriched by the backing of a great number of prestigious associations for example, the STA (Swimming Teachers Association), the ASA (Amateur Swimming Association),  ISPE (Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers)  and the PWTAG (Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group).

Images courtesy of: Softub UK (left) / Ocea Automatic Covers (above)