Spatex 2017

How SPATEX Can Help You


How to heighten your Company profile as a SPATEX Exhibitor  

SPATEX exists to promote its Exhibitors and the Industry, so make the most of us!  We are offering you a range of free marketing opportunities that you can use to raise awareness of your presence at the show through multiple channels.

1.TOOLKIT - we will soon be sending you the SPATEX 2017 toolkit link to broadcast your SPATEX presence on email and your website and thus, heighten your company profile and the Exhibition’s.

2.ONLINE PROFILE - Make sure you complete your online profile in the Exhibitor Zone as soon as possible. If you need any help or have any questions, you are welcome to contact the team at or on +44 (0)1264 358 558.  Remember to regularly update it by adding new press releases to your profile page in the run-up to the Show.


3.SHOW GUIDE PROFILE - the official Show Guide is a free     opportunity to get your company's details in front of every visitor to the Show in January.  Simply fill out your profile in the Exhibitor Zone to ensure your business is listed in the official Show Guide, which will be handed out free to everyone when they arrive at the Exhibition.  It's worth remembering that this guide is a useful tool, used throughout the following year, so make the most of this opportunity to be seen by potential new business contacts.

4.SOCIAL MEDIA - Join us on Social Media - join our networks and interact with your audience before, during and after the Show on Twitter and Facebook.

5.WEB / EMAIL BANNERS - a range of banners will be available to upload later in the year, please upload your personalised banner/footer to your website's home page, all your emails and pre-show marketing campaigns to immediately alert visitors to your presence at the Show. Make sure you link the banner to the Show's website,

Golden Coast

We're looking forward to welcoming you to SPATEX 2017.  If you need anything in the meantime, please don't hesitate to contact the team at or on +44 (0)1264 358 558

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