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Vertigo Fi

  • Vertigo Fi
  • Vertigo Fi
  • Vertigo Fi
Vertigo Fi Vertigo Fi Vertigo Fi

The Vertigo Fi heat pump by Poolex is an innovative and technologically advanced solution for pool heating, offering an upward ventilation system, ultra-silent operation, and full inverter technology.

With a wide range of capacities from 30 to 250m3, it is suitable for various pool sizes.

The heat pump features an indicative LED system for easy operation and operates efficiently even in temperatures as low as -10°C.

It comes in 12 different versions, and its patented antifreeze system ensures reliable performance. This cutting-edge heat pump combines design and technology, providing efficiency, economy, and quiet operation.

The package includes essential accessories, such as an isothermal winter storage cover, anti-vibration support kit, condensate discharge pipe, PVC connectors, and a maintenance kit with a user manual.

The Vertigo Fi is available in various capacities to suit different pool volumes and climate conditions.

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