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Certikin Unibeo Panel Pool System

CERTIKIN Stand: C16 & D14 & D30
Certikin Unibeo Panel Pool System

The system that ticks every box
Unibeo stands out, far and away, as the most versatile in the panel pool marketplace.

A reinforced, concrete-filled, prefabricated panel liner system, for constructing inground, partially sunken and freestanding pools, it is suitable for onsite lining or bag liner finishes and offers a wide range of different stair options.

Product Manager for Unibeo, Hannah Morgan, says: “Given Unibeo’s ease and speed of installation, Certikin instantly recognised its appeal in overcoming the challenges that pool construction can sometimes present.  Furthermore, the use of recycled plastics throughout, combined with the panel’s unique design significantly reduces concrete usage. The concept is complete – the pool builder receives everything needed in one hit to allow a rapid construction of the pool wall and stairs.  We quickly identified it as a must-have for the Certikin portfolio.”  Hannah adds: “The overwhelming response it has received, since we launched last year, shows there is great demand for a system such as Unibeo in the UK marketplace. Our first priority is to build on this foundation and secure a solid customer base for the product. We are in discussion with Unibeo about the possibility of integrating specific pool equipment into the concept.  A strong element of Certikin’s culture is to continuously innovate and improve, so we are keen to work with the Unibeo team on progressing future developments for the system. We are extremely proud to be Unibeo’s exclusive UK partner and feel confident that we are at the beginning of what will be a long lasting and fruitful relationship with the team in France.”  Minimal earthwork – the structure doesn’t require support struts. The earthworks are completed to the dimension of the pool size +0.5m all round. This saves time, preserves ground integrity and allows for quick installation of paving which rests on undisturbed ground, reducing the risk of sagging or cracking.
Environmentally-friendly – the panels are made of recycled plastic and their unique design means that smaller volumes of concrete need to be distributed within the wall structure, thus making the system extremely economical to use.


Formwork module – featuring a patented self-supporting formwork system which allows basin heights of 1.2m, 1.35m and 1.5m to be achieved, and with pool sizing in 0.5m increments, there is no limit to the overall size of the finished pool. Depending on the pool size and finish, the Unibeo panels can either be installed onto a pre-laid concrete slab
or the floor, walls and stairs can be poured at the same time to create a true monoblock structure.
Versatility – the Unibeo panel system is self supporting and can be used for inground, partially sunken and above ground structures. Dividing walls to create cover pits are available and design options exist for vanishing edge pool structures.
Reinforced concrete stairs – the stair modules are created like the main pool structure. The concrete can be poured at the same time as the floor and the walls to create a monoblock stair unit secured to the main pool structure.
Adjustable feet can be provided with panels as required to allow for the levelling of the entire pool structure before concrete is poured.
Liner – both factory-made or site installed linings, selected from Certikin’s extensive range, can be applied to waterproof the system. The liner hangs from the structure via an integrated liner-lock profile.
Foam and felt – For comfort and protection of the liner against the structure, the pool walls should be covered with foam or felt and the floor with felt.
Pool fittings – all openings for Certikin pool fittings, such as skimmers, inlets and Certikin PU2 lights, are cut to the pool installer’s specification during the manufacturing of each panel. This results in quick and easy installation on-site before the pouring of the concrete. Alternatively, openings for fittings can be cut on site at the point of installation.

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