Exhibitors BEWARE


1. Bogus Expo/Fair Guide and Fairs & Business letter

Expo Guide is a Mexican-based organisation and Fairs & Business a Spanish-based organisation that regularly publicises services to exhibitors at events, primarily in Europe.

SPATEX does not endorse or support either company or their services.
Both use forms, which resemble an organiser's free catalogue listing service, inviting exhibitors to sign and return the form for an entry in an on-line directory, which contracts the purchaser into the three-year, non-retractable agreement.
Expo Guide or Fairs & Business are in no way associated to SPATEX Limited. Their forms should not be confused with any of the SPATEX forms for our event which can be found on the E-Zone on the SPATEX website.
We offer all SPATEX exhibitors a FREE profile and listing on our website which is marketed and promoted extensively in the run up to the show. 

2. Hotel Accommodation Booking Companies

We have a list of hotels for attendees to SPATEX on our Staying There page.  We do not endorse any hotel booking companies to contact exhibitors on our behalf.

3. Companies offering SPATEX Attendee Lists

In the run up to SPATEX 2023, we anticipate you might be contacted by various companies so please be aware.  The SPATEX attendee list is ONLY available from SPATEX (to the current years exhibitors), we do not sell our list to anyone.

Please be vigilant and always read the small print before signing any document.

Please ignore any phone calls or emails from companies that contact you directly as they are not endorsed by SPATEX and we have no connection with them whatsoever. 
If you are unclear about any products and services being offered to you in relation to SPATEX 2022, please do contact us without hesitation.